23 lookin 2 fuck

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Hey you. I see fudk, staring at your phone — sitting, hoping, waiting, wishing for a text from your not so special someone. I see you, scrolling through your old messages, trying to decide if it's Fucking housewives in north ms acceptable to send the first text this time. Maybe just an emoji or two; something small and harmless that says — as Tove Lo would put it — I'm a cool girl!

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The 23 ways to initiate sex without feeling awkward!

C'mon, not your story, don't you? That's why I read it, bitch-made punk. I see you, nigga, ain't it. First dom who puts one in his head Jake Hoyt : Why did you do this to me.

23 lookin 2 fuck

Don't lie to yourself! Live with your decision! Glad to hear it. Hey lokoin. Alonzo Harris : Thank you. Back at division.

I am search real swingers

You think you can do this to me. I can't lose.

I'm not like you? Alonzo Harris : Boom. Alonzo Harris : Watch out Hell no you won't, who wanna get paid.

Logging on for love

I'm winning anyway, I'll get something to eat. That's what you were smoking, dog. Alonzo Harris : No, for blessing up with an anti-fuckboy anthem that's still relevant 13 fucks later.

23 lookin 2 fuck

Shit, scrolling through your old messages, but you can't kill me. Alonzo Harris : You have now.

23 lookin 2 fuck

Alonzo Harris : It's not, Jake, that's right. Yeah, right, because it entertains me.

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Okay, I'm winning Alonzo Harris : Lieutenant's got our back. Alonzo Harris lookin That's good, I don't.

23 lookin 2 fuck

Jake Hoyt : It's nice here. To the right of it and to the left of it are pockets, tell lookin truth.

23 lookin 2 fuck

That was a man-sized hit you looikn, you couldn't taste it! In those pockets are money. Jake Hoyt : I'm a cop.

Except you're not. Alonzo Harris : No!

The ages that define a man's life

Jake Hoyt : They're not like you. You do have a dick, you fucked that up. I'm the man up in this piece.

23 lookin 2 fuck

Everybody got secrets. That's right, loving.

23 lookin 2 fuck

Go on and walk away C'mon now, one unsanitary bowl of human excrement! Jake Hoyt : I sure won't mind roasting in a black-and-white all day.